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Why Would You Need Typing Services Online Australia?

Typists, secretaries and administration personnel are among some of the many jobs that are rapidly disappearing for work places. Over 30,000 secretarial jobs were shed throughout Australia over a 5 year period leaving other works to pick up the slack. The expectation for most people today is that they will do their own typing and data entry.

Our resume typing services in Australia, however, can get that work done for you at a highly affordable rate allowing you to get back to doing your actual job. Most people only type at around 40 Words Per Minute while a good typist will average around 65 to 75 WPM. So why struggle slowly doing something that you are not hired to do if you can get someone to do it quicker.

Most companies no longer employ typists and finding the budget for one is usually out of the question. An average typist will earn around $58,000 and this is only the salary and does not take into account the many overheads involved. So outsourcing the work to a professional and reliable company such as ours is usually the best option to free up your time.

The Benefits of Using Our Professional Typing Services in Australia

Hiring through traditional routes is time-consuming and often highly expensive and there are no guarantees that you will find someone that will be capable of covering all of your needs. Hiring professional and qualified help through our services is as simple as a few mouse clicks. We can offer you staff that are perfectly qualified to help you quickly and at a price that you can easily afford:

  • No recruitment and hiring costs involved
  • Quick access to well-qualified staff
  • Totally flexible services
  • The ability to flex staffing requirements quickly with no issues
  • No overheads to consider such as space, equipment and other costs
  • No issues with holidays, maternity, and healthcare
  • Fully trained in the software that you require

What Australian Typing Services Do We Provide?

From correctly formatting your manuscript writing for publication through to entering customer information into a database there are many different areas that require typing help of one form or another. Our professional services are completely flexible and able to provide you help through some of Australia’s best typists. Through us you can get help with:

Transcription Typing Australia

Transcription is taking the spoken word and getting it down in writing. This can be anything from traditional dictation through to creating subtitles for a video. Our services do not use inaccurate voice recognition software as some other services will. All of our transcription to digital source is done through staff that are highly experienced and also equipped to help in this area.

They are able to help with your transcription typing even when accents are hard to understand or recordings are poor. We also provide you with support for specialist transcription help such as legal interviews or medical transcription. Transcription can also include time stamps and other requirements that you may have.

Copy Typing Services Australia

From typing up your book manuscript into the required file format for publication to re-mastering old documents that you only have printed copies of our services can help. We use only experienced professionals to provide our help and not software so that we can promise you high levels of accuracy at all times.

Our staff are highly dedicated at what they do and will always provide the very best quality typing within your required deadline.

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Online Data Entry AU

Clerical data entry can take many different forms and may require a huge understanding of databases and spreadsheets to do well. We will always provide you with support through staff that are able to provide information input into your required software packages quickly with the best possible levels of accuracy.

All of our secretarial data input is done according to your needs from either written or other sources of data. We can also offer you services to analyze and create reports on the information that has been entered.

Academic Typing

Just as with doing typing with fields such as law or medicine, some academic writing will require an expert eye. We are able to offer you support through typists that hold post-graduate degrees in relevant fields to your thesis or other documents to ensure that work is done accurately. Our academic typists also fully understand exactly how your work needs to be formatted and structured.

adroit typing services online Australia

Where in Australia Can We Provide Support?

Our website can be accessed throughout Australia 24/7 giving you access to our experts at any time night or day. Our experts can provide you with support across the continent in places such as:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaid
  • Newcastle
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • Darwin
  • Northampton


Our Australian Typists Are the Bests You Can Work With

Getting the best results with your typing does not happen by accident. We offer the best services as we work hard to always ensure that you will be working with the best typists no matter what specific help you require. With more than 5 years offering typing help across Australia we have access to a large pool of proven experts allowing us to provide you an expert that is:

  • Highly experienced in the specific style of typing you require
  • Fully certified professionally where required
  • A holder of a relevant post graduate degree
  • Experienced in the software that you require
  • Able to provide typing in the correct style at all times
  • Has access to any required equipment and software
  • Excellent English speakers with native skills

We offer support through staff that are excellent communicators and totally dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible support. They are very experienced and can get to work quickly with a minimum amount of instruction and supervision allowing you to get on with more important things.

If you want to get your writing done quickly and accurately just contact our typing services in Australia for support that you can afford and rely on!

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