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Why Would I Need Typing Services Near Me New Zealand?

Most companies today have no longer got any form of secretarial or administrative support, only for the highest levels of management for whom it is more of a status symbol. Most staff are expected to do all of their own typing and computer data entry. Most of the time this is not a problem but there will always come times when a large amount of typing or data input on a computer becomes necessary. This is when you may want to use our typist services New Zealand.

Hiring a typist within New Zealand to work in a traditional manner can be expensive, specialist typists earn from $37k – $44k while data entry experts and transcriptionists earn around $32k – $45k. Of course, that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and there will always be additional costs due to recruitment, office space, equipment and everything else. These costs can soon mount up and are one of the main reasons why most businesses no longer recruit staff directly in these areas.

talanted typist services New Zealand

The best alternative if you want to be able to free up your time to concentrate on your actual monitor is to use our professional New Zealand typing services. Through our services, you will be able to access experts in the type of typing you need, e.g. typing an essay online. They will be able to provide you with affordable and very accurate typing quickly and reliably.

The Benefits of Using Our Specialized Typing Help

Doing your own work is very slow, most people can only type at around 40 words per minute or less while a professional will be hitting around double this for WPM and characters and some advanced typists being able to type at as much as 120 words per minute. So using our professional services will be able to help you to get the work done while freeing up a large amount of your time.

Not only this, using our text writing process through our typing support also provides you with the following benefits:

  • You avoid the costs of recruiting and hiring new employees
  • You can use a wide range of different experts in different areas
  • You avoid many training costs by using fully trained staff
  • You can flex your staffing requirements up and down as required without any issues
  • You avoid all additional costs such as equipment, software, and other overheads
  • No worries about holidays and other issues
  • You only pay for the actual work done


How Can Our New Zealand Services Help You

Our typing services New Zealand are able to provide you with a full range to cover all of the possible typing help that you may need. We offer our services through some of the best qualified experts that you will find online that are fully experienced within the area that you need help. Through us you can get support in all of the following different areas:

Online Data Entry in New Zealand

Data entry is one area that many businesses need regular help within and is a growing area for many virtual assistants that want to work online. Data input on a computer can be far more of a skilled job than many people think, especially when you are talking about using online databases and spreadsheets. Alphanumeric entry and other skills can also require a huge amount of concentration. So it really is an area that is always best to contract out to someone that is highly experienced.

Our data recording and inputting services are provided through highly competent staff that have many years of experience. They can also help you with all forms of data analysis based on the information that you have entered and report writing.

Document Typing Services New Zealand

Copy typing is taking hand written or even printed documents to provide you with a typed copy in the format that you require. Our staff do not simply use text recognition software as some companies online provide. We know that this is highly ineffective and just not capable of providing you with the accuracy that you need.

Our main focus is always on providing you with accurate typing. Our experts have the experience and the tools available to them to be able to accurately reproduce even the worst quality copies and handwriting to give you what you need.

To see information about typing services in Australia, click here.

Transcription Typing New Zealand

When you transcribe you will type from the recorded word. This can be anything from transcribing someone’s phone messages, dictation, through to getting down everything that was said at a conference. Our experts are able to cope with multiple speakers, and difficult accents to a high standard to ensure that you always get the accurate reproduction of what was said quickly.

They have all of the software and hardware required to get the work done in this area and can also provide you with extras such as time stamps. We can also provide you with specialist services in this area such as legal and medical transcription where a full understanding of the vocabulary is necessary.

Academic Transcription and Copy Typing

Another area in which you may need very specialist support is that of academic writing. Understanding what is written or said for a dissertation or journal article may require specialist knowledge of the subject area as well as excellent typing skills. Our experts work only in the areas in which they hold post graduate degrees ensuring a full understanding of your task. They also know exactly how your paper should be formatted in the correct academic style such as APA or Vancouver.

We Can Help Throughout New Zealand

Access to our professional writing services is through our website. This is available 24/7 and there will always someone there to process your order no matter when you need help. Our services can offer a very quick turnaround and we are available in areas such as:

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch
  • Manukau
  • Waitakere
  • Hamilton
  • Dunedin
  • Tauranga
  • Lower Hutt
  • Palmerston


Our Typists Are Qualified to Provide Your Help

Our services are provided with a full satisfaction money back guarantee and are always delivered to a high standard on time. They come with full proofreading to ensure that work is errors free and our services are delivered through staff that are:

  • Highly experienced with the tasks in which they provide support
  • Hold post graduate degrees in relevant subject areas
  • Hold official certification where required
  • Capable of using a wide range of software to an expert level
  • Have the required equipment and software to do the work
  • Able to type in perfect English in the required format

All of our staff are quick starters that will be able to start work for you quickly with minimal supervision and instruction enabling you to concentrate on more important things.

Get your work done quickly and accurately through our specialists by contacting our reliable typist services New Zealand today!

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