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Why hire an online typist? We’ve all grown up typing on phones, tablets, and computers. Schools use this technology from elementary grades on up, so even if you don’t own a tablet or computer, most likely you can still type.

Why outsource typing services? Knowing how to hit keys to create words is a small part of what a typing professional or typing assistant can offer. They can allow you to focus on your business priorities and be secure in the knowledge the product you expect is the product you get.

Maybe you use a recording device while you work out or travel in order to maximize your time. Then you lose your time savings by having to transcribe it into document form. Or maybe you can organize your thoughts better if you write things down, but still have to get them into electronic form to distribute.

If you’re a small office with one administrative person who answers phones, provides the administrative documentation, and greets customers, and they need to prepare documents, who is taking care of the customers while they type? And since it’s a one-person office, the salespeople have to do the proofreading and editing. Isn’t it a better use of your team’s time taking care of customers and securing sales?

Who to Choose?

How do you know which audio typing service for hire to choose? While there are many typing agencies, best typing services is a typing company of expert typers who are focused on providing affordable, quality, and error-proof typing services.


How do they differ from their competitors? Typist jobs are not entry-level positions at Best Typing Services – they are the most important professionals. Our typists are employees of the company, have passed typing exams, and can convert any file format to written form. We do it all, whether you need handwriting or audio to text; PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and more images to Word; convert Mp3 to word document, copy typing; scanned images to text; latex typing; as well as any equations or math formulas.

Reasons to Choose Best Typing Services

  • Transcription of meeting minutes is important for distribution to the attendees, but is an easily delegated item to Best Typing Services, freeing your company’s professionals to take care of more value-added tasks. Then there are the monthly reports that need to be compiled and put together for distribution. Instead of tying up your resources, forward those documents to Best Typing Services who have personnel who can pull together the information you need for the report, then create the report for you.
  • If you’re an inspector, auditor, or surveyor, you can provide the type of format you need to Best Typing Services, then forward your notes from each inspection/audit/survey and their team will create your documents for you, saving you time and allowing you not only to provide your clients with the information they need, but allow you to perform more inspections, audits or surveys! By using Best Typing Services, you can actually do more of what you love and less administration.
  • Or maybe you have a term paper due and as usual, you’ve put it off to the last minute. You’ve compiled all the info, but don’t have it typed and formatted. An online typist for hire at Best Typing Services can be your answer!
  • When you have a new product launch, offer new services, open new locations, or just want to get the word out about your business, let the typist for hire professionals at Best Typing Services create your press releases and promotional articles.  They can even type your website updates and add your blogs directly to the site.

Best Typing Services Key Offerings

Retyping Services

Send us your cover letter or resume drafts and we’ll retype them into eye-catching forms that would best appeal to prospective bosses. We can also proofread, edit, critique, and discuss your resume information with you. We will also turn a PDF/JPEG into a Word document for you.

Transcription Services

We offer the services of reliable transcriptionists who have extensive experience with audio transcription, so they are trained to listen and transcribe all they hear with an exceptional degree of accuracy. Or maybe you don’t use audio recording today because you haven’t found an affordable way to transcribe the information; allow Best Typing Services to open up a new alternative to your organization. When you need your text string off your phone and in your hand, they also offer text to text transcription services.

Editing Services

If you’ve written your first manuscript and need it not only typed but edited as well, allow us to do this for you. The document will be sent back for your review prior to your final acceptance, so you can add any additional changes you may need. Given the texting shorthand used by so many of us daily, editing services can be very valuable when Best Typing Services are providing text to text typing services.


Whether you need help formatting a dissertation or thesis, or formatting a business document, Best Typing Services can help. Your time is valuable, so rather than having to spend time teaching yourself how to format, let our experienced personnel provide this service for you.


All of our typing help for hire are trained to proofread not only the documents they receive, but also the documents they create. Once they have transcribed, formatted, edited, and typed your documents, they will review them for accuracy before submitting them to the supervisor. Clients then have the opportunity to review them and make any changes they’d like and resubmit for adjusting. Best Typing Services is committed to your satisfaction on all services.


How Do I Hire an Online Typist?

Best Typing Services can accept any file format and convert it into an editable, typed document. The process is simple:

  • Submit instructions on our order form
  • Review pricing and submit payment
  • Receive and check the first draft
  • Make any changes you’d like
  • Document changes are made
  • You receive your final document

Contact Best Typing Services, and we’ll provide you with:

  • Affordable, experienced typists;
  • Outstanding results;
  • Error-free text;
  • High quality retyping,
  • Transcription and editing;
  • On-time delivery;
  • and 100% satisfaction or your money back!

Choose our highly-experienced typist for hire to make all your tasks done for 100% success!

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