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In this digital age, we need to type different kinds of documents. Sometimes its business documents, sometimes it’s academic papers and thesis and sometimes we need typing of personal documents. However, everybody can not type or don’t have enough time to spend on typing, as it’s a time taking ask.

In this situation, professional typing services come to our help. These service providers have qualified typist on board and offer quality typing services for a verity of documents. The legal documents are difficult to type, as the use specific legal terms, so it’s better to get them typed by the professionals. Similarly, academic documents are in large files and only professionals typing service can help to type them without errors and mistakes.

When it comes to academic documents, accuracy is very important. Business documents like broachers, agreements and other documents need qualified typist for the error free typing. We need different documents in different formats and for a common person, it’s difficult to convert a document from one file format to other. If you need a document in a specific format like PDF, excel or any other format, hire a typist and get your job done, perfectly.

Convert Scanned Handwriting to Text


If you have handwritten documents in scanned form and you want to convert them to text format, it might be difficult for you and it will take a lot of your time, which busy people don’t have. Moreover, it’s difficult to read handwritings, particularly if the document is old, it will not be easily readable. It makes conversion even more difficult. The good idea is to hire our professional typing services. We can convert scanned handwriting to text with accuracy. Our experts have the ability to read handwritings perfectly, and perfect reading means accurate conversion. Our professionals are trained to perform these jobs and they are experienced too. We can convert scanned handwriting to text in very low rates. Our prices are affordable and everyone can afford them.

Math Equation and Formulas Typing


Mathematics is very important part of our lives. A lot of research papers have a big math’s portion, mathematics notes, physics notes and many Engineering books, papers and notes contain a considerable amount of mathematic equations and formulas. A common computer user finds it really difficult to type these equations and formulas. When you have to write numbers in numerators and as powers, things become really difficult and time taking. This is the time when typing services needed. We have math typing experts in our team, they can type math equations and formulas, accurately. Accuracy is very important, as single mistake can change the whole equation and we understand that. Our expert types the formula with great care and perfection. We offer competitive rates to our clients. Quality work in affordable price is the aim of our professionals typing service.

Convert Scanned PDF to Word


PDF is a popular file format, because it’s easy to transfer large files in this format. However, editing is very difficult in PDF files. If you want to make changes in PDF file, you need to convert it in word format. But conversion of large file will be time taking and there are more chances of errors and mistakes. If you want error free file conversion, let our qualified typist help you. They are trained and have good typing speed. They can convert your PDF files to word, in short time. You will be able to make changes in them and you can add more information in them, if needed. Similarly, we can convert PDF to Excel with formulas as well. It will be easier for you to make changes and apply formulas in excel format. Our prices are affordable and we work with accuracy.

Excel and Latex Typing


A common computer user finds it difficult to use excel as it involves worksheets and formulas and it’s not simple to use like word. Similarly, convert PDF to Excel with formulas is also very difficult takes. Making excel sheet seems easy, but actually its technical. On the other hand, Latex typing is a new system of preparing documents, which is not known to the computer users. Our experts can covert different files into excel and they can prepare your documents in Latex too. Our document typing service is reliable and can finish this difficult job in short time. Our typing rates are also affordable and no matter you are professionals or student, you can easily afford them.


Our Typing Rates

Our typing services rates are very affordable. Our starting price per page is as low as $0.76. our charges for per audio hour are $1. We offer flat rates for our customers, depending upon the nature of documents. Our per hour charges are also very economical.

When we talk about typing services rates, it’s better to go for the per page rates. Because it’s very affordable and it’s easy to calculate too, both for the client and for us. Depending on the nature of document, you can negotiate on the per page rate and it will be easier for you to estimate your cost, and make payment.

Our professional typing services is not just a typing service, we also offer editing and proof reading services. If you have a document and you need to edit it or proofread it to omit any errors, hire our professionals and get error free documents in short time.

Why Choose Our Professional Services

We offer a range of services for our clients. The Services we offer include, typing of documents, conversion of one file format into other like PDF to word, image to word, PDF to excel, scanned handwriting to word, typing of math equation and formulas, latex typing etc. other than that you can contact us, for editing and proofreading of the documents.

Be sure to get the best typing assistance from our highly-experienced typing team today!

Our Guarantees

Our professional typing services offer different guarantees for clients, to ensure them that they are hiring a reliable service. We offer specialized pricing, depending on the type of document. For instance, for typing a paper rates will be different and if you need to convert image to word, rates will be different.

Our teams have professionals, who are well trained. They are equipped with all the necessary skills and qualifications, which are necessary for the qualified typist. They work with accuracy and provide quality typing services to our clients. They have typing certificate as a proof of their typing abilities.


We are providing you with these ensures after you turn out to be in attempting out our valuable offerings whenever:

  • The 100% price could be again if you appear no longer happy with our services.
  • The majority assignments are delivered without making any delays. You won’t need to ask for the well timed shipping in any respect.
  • We make it positive that the written drafts are worthwhile in terms of enhancing, writing and information series procedure.
  • You could ask for making any adjustments even after the submission of tasks.

Professional typing services rates can make your work easy by typing and converting your documents from one format to other. Hire our qualified typist and get your work done with accuracy!

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