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Pros and Cons of Outsource Typing Services

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Why Do You Need Outsource Typing Services?

Few businesses today have any form of admin support; most management and staff are expected to do all of their own typing and other work on the computers that they have. This can be fine for the odd email but if you have a large volume of work to get done then do you really want them tied up doing typing rather than their actual job?

Students also can have a large demand for typing support; not everyone will type their dissertation or thesis directly into their computers. Many are far more comfortable handwriting their thoughts and many will record their interviews and other research. At the end of all this, however, they still have to get everything perfectly formatted and typed up. This is why many businesses and individuals have a need to outsource or even offshore voice typing agencies to save money and time. However is getting your typing outsourced everything that it should be or is there a downside to it also?

pros and сons of using a typing service

The Pros and Cons of Using a Typing Service

The following sections will detail some of the main reasons for and against using outsourced efficient typing services:

5 Pros for Using a Typing Service

  • A professional typist will get the task done quicker and more accurately. Unless you are professionally trained typist then the likelihood is that a professional service will be able to get the work finished much quicker than you would be able to do it yourself. They will also be able to achieve a higher level of accuracy.
  • A professional service has all of the equipment and software. Transcription and even typing from handwritten notes requires that you have a certain amount of hardware and software to make the task easier. A professional service has these things to hand. The same is true for things like software; if you need to convert your text into PDF or even to use software such as LaTeX then the service will have it already.
  • Perfect formatting quickly and effectively. A professional service will be able to provide you with perfect formatting through their expert knowledge and experience. So if your academic paper needs to be in a specific style they will ensure that you are typed up paper is correctly formatted including all citations and references.
  • Editing and proofreading services. Not every typing service will just blindly copy what you have written. Many will use subject qualified and experienced typists that will be able to correct any issues with your hand wrote or spoken notes to ensure that the end result is well written and error free.
  • It’s cheaper. Not only is using a typist freeing up your time so that you can do something more productive the rate that you will be paying will be far lower. There are no overheads involved for things like office space, technical support, equipment, and software. You are also only paying for actual time spent on the task with no worries about things like holidays, healthcare and breaks.

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5 Cons of Using a Typing Service

  • Security. Can you really trust the company that you are outsourcing to with your confidential information? There have been issues in the past with companies that have used confidential information for their own personal gain.
  • Time differences. Many companies are overseas so you may find that when you want to contact them to make some changes that there is simply no one there to talk to as it is now the middle of the night for them.
  • Language. This is often a major issue with many online services. To save money many online companies will use staff from countries where the labor rates are mere pennies, however, they also rarely speak English to a high enough standard and this can lead to significant issues with the documents produced.
  • Getting started. Like any form of production, it can take time for your typist to fully understand your specific needs and to be able to produce at the quality and rate that you require. There are often initial issues that may take a significant amount of your time when first starting to use a typing service.
  • Reliability. Not every service is as reliable as another. Nor are they always as reliable over time. Choosing a service that can offer a consistent level of quality and delivery can be a real nightmare.

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Copy typing services are invaluable solutions not only for students but most especially to people with businesses and those constantly facing numerous documents every day. Our company can provide you on time and reliable service in order to maximize the productivity of your daily paper works. We can work with varieties of format from PDF, handwritten documents to scanned notes. One of the best parts about our copy typing services is that we make sure that no part of your document will be erroneous; we take the time to ensure its accuracy and efficiency.

We know the issues that can arise with using any form of outsourcing company online and we work very hard to ensure that you will always be fully satisfied with the services that we will provide you. Our typing services online are looking to build a long-term relationship with our clients and that means always reliably providing them with the highest levels of accuracy on time at all times. We offer a blanket money back guarantee based on your full satisfaction and will always tailor our services to your specific needs using relevantly qualified and experienced staff.

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