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How to Convert Voice Recording to Text Guide | Strive for Excellence with Us

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Our expert data entry service knows that busy individuals already know you can save time if you convert voice recordings to text. However, you may have considered it and thrown it out due to concerns that machine-based solutions such as different software may not clearly translate the words and cannot understand the nuances of communication.

Or when the software transcribe voice recording to text, it may place punctuation in the wrong place, which can change the meaning of a sentence. For example, you may say “She has freckles on her, but she is pretty.” The software may interpret your words as, “She has freckles on her butt, she is pretty.” Needless to say, these are two totally different connotations; while both may seem like a compliment, one of them may get you slapped! Suffice it to say in our politically correct world, they will not have the same impact when read.

Why Is It Worth Making Speech to Text Work?

Things are working the way they are. Why bother trying to convert voice recording to text online, or by utilizing office support personnel? The following are some compelling reasons:

  • Get the details down while fresh
  • Can record hands-free while driving or exercising
  • Creates a digital index of information for rapid retrieval
  • Easier than typing notes manually
  • Makes it easy to search through dialogue
  • Save you time and money

Think of all the road time your sales team puts in, then still has to take time from their day to enter information into your CRM software. Or maybe they wait until one day a week for ‘office’ work, so the information is no longer fresh or timely and therefore may be incomplete. If they could use that road time right after a sales call to record their impressions, discussions, and action items, the information will be available to the entire company in a timely manner, the activity can begin right away on action items, your customers will see improved responsiveness from your company. Your company will see increased sales as a result!


Your employees will also benefit. By using work hours that were previously dead air time, they can facilitate things for their clients and spend the time at home with their families rather than on their computers. Just think – making this one change with just your sales team can increase sales and improve an employee’s quality of life, a double win for the company.

Top Five Voice Recording to Text Converter Software

  • NextGen Mobile Solutions is an audio to text converter online, accessible through mobile devices. It was created for healthcare providers and allows them to access their schedules, secure text messaging and update patient records anytime, anywhere. It’s available on Android and iOS platforms for physicians groups.
  • Castel Detect LIVE is a web-based, cloud and Windows product for audio file to text online. It’s primarily used by contact centers across all industries. It is not available on mobile devices.
  • Yactraq is an audio to text converter online. This product is typically used for in-house or outsourced call centers for product and services sales support. It is not available for use with mobile devices.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking software is used for dictation and transcription by lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. It is not available online, but needs to be installed. It runs on both Mac and Windows platforms, and is not available for mobile devices.
  • Braina is the most broadly used recording to text converter of the top five. It’s available online, can be installed on a Windows platform and is accessible via Android mobile devices. This interview transcription product is used by thousands of professionals and businesses in over 180 countries.

Pros and Cons of Translation/Transcription Software

The following is a list of pros and cons for using voice recorder translated to text as communicated by users:


  • Voice recording can be done anywhere, anytime
  • Saves time as you can record while doing other activities
  • Get ideas down as soon as they come to you
  • Allows you to brainstorm and stream ideas freely
  • Beneficial for those typing impaired
  • Need to keep text records
  • Focus on the moment rather than writing


  • Needs lots of time to set it up and ‘teach’ it your speech patterns
  • Less accurate than a human transcriber
  • Have to speak punctuation
  • Does not work well with accents or dialects
  • Microphone quality matters considerably
  • Takes practice to make it work the way you expect
  • Can’t intuit transition words
  • Have to speak every word in sequence the way you want it
  • Doesn’t recognize non-standard names or places
  • When available for multiple platforms, doesn’t work the same on all of them (i.e. Windows version didn’t work the same as the Mac version)
  • Quality impacted by background noise
  • After training, is set up for a single user

It is always a right choice to rely on our professional voice recording typing service to get 100% help!

Human Interview Transcription

The cons list above can be resolved by using human transcribers. Recognizing it would be expensive to add personnel dedicated to voice recording typing, why not try best typing services? Best typewriting services is an online company that has trained their professional typists to translate voice recording to text. They can convert voice recording to text from M4a, MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, and from Speech/Sound files.


At best typing services, we are experts at turning an audio file to text online without set up time or having to teach speech patterns. We can:

  • listen and hear when to add punctuation;
  • add a transition word such as “and”, “however”, etc. when the sentence needs it to make sense;
  • listen to the recording and structure the sentence so it flows and makes sense;
  • are experts at typing recordings by multiple users within an organization with no special accommodation;
  • can interpret accents and dialects;
  • and can even directly enter the text into the client’s database at very affordable prices.

You just have to submit your files and set the deadline, proceed with payment, and receive retyped and proofread pages. Best typing services are professionals at typing the recordings of our clients, with every effort made to provide 100% accuracy on the first draft. You’ll have the opportunity to review the document and make any changes desired. We have such a strong team of professional typist, we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact best typing services to convert voice recording to text. Your audio typing experience will be easy to follow and straightforward, with an expert staff of audio typists at affordable rates!

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