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Files that have been converted to typed text from handwritten documents, tables, or scanned images can be stored in digital databases, making the information easier to access and work with. “But how to convert handwriting to text, and what’s the best way to do it?” you might ask. Nowadays, you have two options: either use specialized online software or convert text to handwriting with the help of a professional typist for hire.

Why Convert Handwriting to Text?

Many individuals and businesses face the need for transcribing handwriting to text from time to time.

There are many reasons for it, including the following:

  • Preparing a manuscript for submission. There are still people who write first drafts of stories, articles, and other materials by hand. However, these must be typed before they can be submitted for publication.
  • Digitizing journals and notes. In the scientific field, many notes are handwritten. They need to be typed to make them easy to search and use.
  • Converting old document texts and images to electronic format. Many companies and government agencies want to computerize old records and documents for easy access.
  • Getting handwritten Excel tables converted to Word and vice versa. If you are working with reports, you will undoubtedly face the need to convert handwritten tables, financial reports, timelines, and other data from spreadsheets to .doc or .docx files and vice versa, which is quite a challenging task that requires special knowledge and enormous time investment.
  • Converting PDF handwriting to text or table. Most of the time, you cannot directly copy and format a text from the PDF file, especially if your PDF is just a collection of handwritten images. That’s what our PDF handwriting-to-text service was designed for — to help you retype your PDF files to the needed text format without losing formatting.

Why Converting Handwriting to Text Using OCR Is Not the Best Option?

Converting handwriting online involves a technology known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It’s a fully automated process of turning a handwritten, typed, or printed document into a machine-encoded text from an image or any other non-editable file, including in PDF or Excel format. You can even use OCR to convert to handwriting online fast. However, the technology is not yet perfect. Everybody has a different handwriting style, and errors are common, so converting handwriting to Word or vice versa can be difficult and require additional effort from your side.

Disadvantages of online conversion using OCR:

  • Limited possibilities

OCR technology is constrained by the software being utilized, which is one of its key disadvantages. Not every OCR software can identify text written in handwriting styles or right-to-left languages, recognize locked or protected texts, rare formats, formulas, etc. Additionally, not all online software you can use to convert to text is confidential, which might lead to a data leak or unauthorized access to your file.

  • Dependence on the original document’s quality

The fact that OCR technology is dependent on the source document’s quality is another huge disadvantage. It may be difficult for OCR software to effectively detect and extract text from a poor-quality original document or text that is printed in a typeface different from the default font.

  • Dependence on the format

The source document’s format affects the quality of OCR conversion as well. Different document formats require varying levels of text recognition and text extraction capabilities from OCR software. As a result, the formatting of the output text can be lost in the conversion process.

  • Limited to text recognition

OCR technology is only capable of extracting text; it cannot identify or recognize other sorts of data, such as images, background texts, etc. If you need to process documents that combine text with other sorts of data, this can cause problems.

  • Inaccuracy

OCR doesn’t always turn data into text accurately. For example, it can interpret “b” as an “8,” mistake a character for a word or a line break. Tiny, backward, upside down, or improper punctuation marks can also result in punctuation mistakes.

Given the above, with OCR technology, you’ll need to proofread and edit the converted file for accuracy, which is quite a lengthy, nerve-wracking process with unpredictable results. Another alternative is to convert handwriting to text using specialized manuscript typing services such as besttypingservices.net, where all the work is done for you manually by professional typists.

What’s So Special About BestTypingServices?

BestTypingServices is a professional typing service that operates under NDA and offers fast typing at reasonable rates, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Whether it’s typing letters or manuscripts, transcribing audio, data entry, or any other typing job, BestTypingServices is a service you can depend on.

What’s more, BestTypingServices isn’t simply about fast typing. BestTypingServices is also about 100% accurate typing. Accuracy is king in the typing services world, and our team prides itself on delivering just that. Here’s how we achieve it: once retyped, every text is double-checked by the Quality Assurance Team to ensure no errors or inconsistencies are introduced during the typing step. As a result, you get your flawless, ready-to-use file converted on time, up to the industry standard, and without stress.

Our list of clients is long and growing rapidly, which is the best testimony to the quality and reliability of our handwriting convert to text service.

Advantages of using our manual typing service include:

  • 100% accuracy and a perfect, consistent format.
  • No dependency on the original document’s quality.
  • Fixed, affordable prices.
  • Easy ordering and payment process.
  • Complete confidentiality of your data.
  • Secure user area to track order progress, edit instructions, etc.
  • Strict quality control.
  • Quick turnaround — from 6 hours.
  • Guarantee that the retyped document will look unified, satisfy your requirements, and be delivered on time.
  • 24/7 customer support hotline.

How to Get Handwritten Documents Converted to Text With Our Typing Service?

Here at BestTypingServices, no automated software is used. All the work is done manually by qualified online typists, which ensures the highest quality results and guarantees that all links present in your file will be retained.

That’s how we transcribe documents for our clients:

Step 1. You upload your scanned document to our platform on the order page.

Step 2. We assign a qualified typist to transcribe handwriting to text for you.

Step 3. The typist converts your handwritten document to text manually, from the blank page.

Step 4. Your typed document is post-edited by the QA Team to ensure the original formatting is preserved or modified following your instructions (if any) and no information is inadvertently altered.

Step 5. You receive your document in typed text and can use it as you wish.

We also have free revisions and a money-back guarantee to give you some extra peace of mind and ensure an exceptional experience at our typing service.

Key Takeaways

Converting handwriting to text using OCR has a few advantages, including assistance in digitalizing data. It can be utilized to process simple, unimportant, text-only files. However, the disadvantages of automated data entry, like dependence on the quality of the input file and its format, limited possibilities, and confidentiality risks, speak for themselves and are definitely not worth ignoring.

When it comes to lengthy, poor-quality documents, those with complex formatting (e.g., graphs, pie charts, bolds, formulas, etc.), damaged text, or the ones containing confidential data, there’s no better way to convert them than enlisting the services of professional typists like the ones we have here at besttypingservices.net.

Contact us for the best online handwriting-to-text conversion available. You will not regret it, guaranteed!