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Are your typing services rates cheaper than other typing services prices?
Yes, especially for what our customer receives in return! Unlike other typing services, our typing services rates are dependent on customer feedback. If our typists do not perform up to standard, we can offer a great discount on our typing services prices so our customers can feel like they paid for what they received. Because the customer is the number one priority for Best Typing Services, our rates are dependent upon their fair feedback. Of course, a customer cannot demand extremely low typing service rates if they are not deserved!
How can you afford such low typing service rates?
It’s not easy! Our production volume is high enough that we, as a company, feel that we can afford low typing services rates that will both keep our customers happy and ensure that our typists are able to make a living and our company can sustain itself. While our typing services prices for audio typing, image to word conversion, etc. are lower than nearly all our competitors, that doesn’t mean our customers receive shabby work in return for such affordable typing service rates! Quite the contrary! We pride ourselves on delivering excellent work at cheap typing services rates.
What will i get in return for my manuscript typing rates?  A manuscript is an enormous document, so manuscript typing rates may be slightly higher than other typing services rates. However, this is in relation to the overall length of the project, not the fact it is a manuscript in itself. If you want an entire manuscript typed quickly, our manuscript typing rates are very affordable and competitive when compared to all other typing service rates. Can I get a discount on my typing services rates? If you are a long time customer or have a great deal of work you need to be done, we can offer bulk typing services rates that will offer you a discount. Discounts are not guaranteed all our services, including essay typing, document typing and many more, so make sure you mention it to our salesperson.

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