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Why Would You Need Online Typing UK

If you go back a few decade almost every manager would have had a secretary, or each department would have had its administrators to take care of all of those minor and repetitive tasks. Now however most people are expected to do all of these tasks on their own as they have the technology at their fingertips to do so. Studies as those reported in the Telegraph show that jobs such as those in the secretarial sector have “borne the brunt of the falls in employment” for routine tasks.

Virtual typing services UK however are now in great demand. This is because even though companies have no administrative staff they still have a need for their services. It is not effective to tie up engineers and marketing specialists writing up reports or entering customer data when they should be doing the actual jobs that they are being employed for. All of these repetitive tasks eat away at their available time and cost businesses far more than they realize.

However hiring a typist or any other administrative help within a business is still outside of most budgets. It is also seen as a risk should there not be enough regular work to keep someone busy on a full-time basis. Because of this services such as our UK typing online are able to provide you with flexible and professional help as and when you need it at a very reasonable price.

Why Use Our UK Typing Online Services?

According to TotalJobs the average salary for a typist is GBP 17,000. On top of this a business would have to pay recruitment fees, overheads, equipment costs and a host of other payments to keep them in employment. There would also be no guarantee that the person hired would be able to do every form of typing work that you may require from transcription through to data entry.

You will also find that your typing speed may be around 40 words per minute while a trained professional may be able to achieve double that rate. Having your work done by a professional is therefore quicker and will free up a large amount of your time.

A far better option is to employ typing expertise as and when you need it, often at a much lower rate than you would do so if you employed them directly. Our services can provide you with a vast number of advantages over traditional employment:

  • Quick access to the specific expertise you are looking for
  • Immediate “hiring” with no recruitment costs or time
  • The ability to flex labor requirements quickly without any penalty or cost
  • Fully trained staff available at the click of a mouse
  • No worries about holidays and other personnel issues
  • No need for expensive office space, equipment or support
  • No paying for coffee breaks, gossiping, etc. You only pay for the work done


What Services Can We Provide throughout the UK?

There are large number of areas in which our online typing services can help you within the UK. We can provide you with qualified and experienced staff to help you at the drop of a hat with all of the following areas:

Professional Transcription Services UK

Our professional transcription services UK are provided through staff that are highly experienced and able to help with even the broadest UK accents. They have all of the required software and hardware required to transcribe effectively and we can boast some of the highest levels of accuracy that you will find online.

We can offer you verbatim typing or our experts can polish your writing to provide just what you are looking for. We also offer time stamps as well as professional support in specialized areas such as legal and medical transcription through appropriately qualified experts in those areas.

Effective Copy Typing Online UK

Whether hand written or printed text our experts have the experience to quickly and accurately reproduce your written word in the format that you require; such as converting handwriting to doc or PDF formats. Our experts are highly experienced in this area and carefully selected to ensure that you will always be working with the best.

We do not try to use handwriting or text recognition software as some companies will, all of our work is done by retyping on the keyboard by experts to ensure a high level of accuracy. We can help with everything from reports to typing up your hand written manuscript.

If you are interested in typing services online in Canada, please, follow this link.

Academic Typing

Academic typing offers challenges that not every typist will be able to overcome successfully. Whether it is transcription or copy typing there will often be a need to fully understand the writing at the level that it is being written at. Just as with medical or legal typing we will always ensure that you are working with a post graduate degree educated typist in a relevant field.

Not only are they able to provide typing to a high level of accuracy they are also able to provide you with formatting in the specific academic style that you require such as Chicago or Turabian.

Best Data Entry Services in UK

Data entry can actually be a skilled job even if it is a repetitive one. As such you will often need someone that is qualified and experienced enough to provide you with the reliable keyboard data input that you need.

This role can encompass anything from updating databases for your website to entering data from surveys. In addition to our data entry services in UK we can also provide you with any support that you may need with analysis or reporting.
trained data entry services in uk

We Can Help You across the UK

Our services can be accessed through our website at any time 7 days a week and will provide you access to typing professionals in any area almost immediately. Through us, you will be able to get help in all areas of the UK such as:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow
  • Southampton
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield
  • Bristol

Our UK Typing Services Offer the Support of the Best Typists

Getting good results through online services can be a struggle which is why we only offer you help through our pool of proven experts. With more than 5 years offering support in this area we are able to provide you with help through a specialist in your required area that is:

  • Fully trained and experienced in the area in which you need support
  • Holds a higher level degree in a relevant subject area
  • Is experienced within your industry
  • Certified through relevant bodies as required
  • Fully able to use the software you require
  • Has access to all equipment and software required
  • Is fully dedicated to providing the highest levels of support in perfect English

All of our staff are excellent communicators and are able to get to work quickly with the minimum of instruction and supervision.

To get your work completed quickly and to a high level of accuracy just contact our typing services UK for support that you can trust.

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