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What are PDF files?

PDF ( Portable Document Format ) files are an extremely popular format for sharing files with others. It was first launched by Adobe. Word documents are often converted to PDF before being shared. One way to get an idea of how popular PDF files are, is to take a look at the number of services, software programs and apps that are available with the purpose of PDF conversion. Word to PDF conversion related materials and services are a testimony to the popularity PDF enjoys.

Why is the format conversion, Word to PDF file, so popular?

The reasons to transfer Word to PDF files form a solid basis for the conversion once your are aware of them. Here are the reasons to transform Word to PDF for sharing:

  • Compatibility – PDF files can be viewed on almost any computer operating system. Regardless of whether you are using Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac or some other system, PDF files are compatible and can be viewed, which is a big advantage when users of different systems want to share documents.
  • Retention of document format, structure and properties– PDF documents that are shared with others keep the original structure and properties they started out whether emailed or transferred by other means. This attribute may be what PDF files are best known for.
  • File compression – PDF files can be compressed. When format conversion Word to PDF takes place, the size of the document is reduced. Smaller documents mean faster upload and download times.
  • Security – PDF document are secure and safe for sharing over the internet. Data in the file is protected by a high level encryption feature making it an attractive format for confidential documents. The security level can be further increased using the password protection feature.

The one drawback for people when it comes to PDF files is document editing, which can be difficult at times. To edit PDF documents, a conversion is made once more, and the PDF file changed to Word. PDF to Word conversions usually cause changes in the documents structure and properties. For PDF to Word conversions that are accurate and error free, the best option is the conversion service our company provides.

About our PDF to Word conversion service

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Our company offers PDF to Word conversions that are accurate and retain the original structure and properties. The conversion team we use is made up of experts in the conversion process including Optical Character Recognition. In addition, converted documents are proofread and manually edited ensuring everything is precisely as it should be. Aside from high quality accurate conversions and pieces of advice on how to open PDF file in Word, benefits of our typing service include:

  • All conversions guaranteed to satisfy your requirements and be delivered on time.
  • Affordable rates to suit your budget
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Complete customer confidentiality

For superior PDF to Word conversions, contact us with all of your PDF conversion needs.

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