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If you are a data analyst and your job is mainly to analyze peoples voices sent to you and check on what words were said by those persons, you probably need a transcriptionists to be undertaking the transcription process for you as you cannot afford to do all the transcription by yourself, the process will certainly overwhelm you. It is for this reason that we translate voice to text for you so that we ease you’re your work of analyzing the voices which certainly ease up your process and you are able to continue with your work without having to worry of how or who is going to transcribe the voices for you for better analyzing as you agree with me that it easier for you to analyze voices when they have been written in word form rather than analyzing the voices themselves as you listen to them.

Reasons why you need us

Our transcriptionists are qualified personnel who are professionals in this area as their full job is to offer the transcription services to our clients on a full time basis and therefore you are guaranteed excellent transcription services as compared to the services being offered by freelancers who usually do this as part time. You will agree with me that a professional who does a job on full time basis is expected to deliver better work as compared to those who work on those projects on part time basis.

Our support staff is usually available 24/7 and therefore you get the chance to contact our technical support team every time you have an issue about you voice translations. By them being available for contact, the clients also get prompt updates on the status of their orders where you are able to know whether your order has been assigned to one of our transcriptionists and whether its transcription has already started and when you expect to have it in your possession. The support team makes sure that we translate voice to text for you following the instructions you give to us.

We are also known to provide extra services apart from transcriptions of voices where we offer to proofread through the transcript just to check if indeed the content of the voice has been made according to the original file. The proofreading cost is met on our side and you do not to pay more for the proofreading process as the initial cost we give you will no doubt cater for that proofreading process too.

Our transcriptionists also offer transcripts deliveries within the timeline given to us by our clients. They understand that whatever deadline is given to us by our clients is to be met at all times without any delays at all. We make sure translate voice to text, convert speech to text as soon as you give us the voice file and we immediately submit it to you as soon as our transcriptionists are done with the transcription of those voices.

The amazing experience you do not want to miss

You need to hire our audio transcription services for you to be able to experience the comfort of having our transcriptionists work for you. You cannot rely on other people’s opinion on how good we translate audio into text and therefore we urge to contact us whenever you need some voices transcribed and we promise you an amazing experience where we promise that after the first transcription we do for you, you will certainly keep coming back with more of these projects simply because of how well we will serve you and meet your standards.

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