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The Services We Offer

Is it a meeting that you want to be transcribed and every word of the Mp4 file of the meeting transcribed into word form for easier analysis and recording of data. You know that meetings surely have very many participants and it can be very challenging for you to capture every word that was said during that meeting especially so if the meeting was quite long and had several participants. Our teams of transcriptionists are professionals who are not only trained for such tasks but also certified to undertake the transcription services to anyone who seeks them. By them being professionals, you are it is certainly much easier for them to convert Mp4 to text for you as compared to either you doing it for yourself or other freelancers who are not professionals in this area doing it for you. They are able to handle such lengthy meetings with several participants which quite frankly need an expert to be able to handle it which is exactly what our transcriptionists are.

We are known to be very observant of the time and deadline issue where our transcriptionists work hard to make sure that they deliver their transcripts on or before the deadline set by the client elapses. To ensure that the deadlines are met at all times, we have a policy of making sure that the transcriptionists immediately starts working on the Mp4 file as soon as the client submits the file for the transcription process. We also make sure that all our transcriptionists are made aware of the fact that every transcriptionist is supposed to deliver quality work within the timelines set by the client without having any delays. We make sure that we convert Mp4 to text within the shortest period of time by assigning it to our team of experts as soon as you upload the Mp4 file to us.

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Here at Audio Typing We Convert Mp4 to Text

Transcribing Mp4 files is sometimes quite a challenging task especially because you deal with a video and no just as audio and this certainly requires all your concentration if you are to capture every word being said in that Mp4 file. Therefore if you have a Mp4 file that you want to be transcribed it is widely recommended that you seek the transcription services being offered by audio typing. Our team will make sure that all your interests are well taken care of and that your file is made available within the timeline you give us. Here we convert Mp4 to text at very affordable rates where you are only required to pay a dollar per every minute of every transcription file.

Come Experience How Well We Transcribe M4a to Text

We greatly recommend the transcription services being offered by audio typing to anyone who is having some problems getting their M4a files transcribed to text files. You need a professional to do the job for you as he will make sure that he gets through with your M4a file and that the final text file submitted to you will be a true reflection of the actual words found in the original M4a file. We will surely offer you the best transcription services by availing our best team of transcriptionists to attend to your M4a file and therefore we guarantee to have a quality file and you should rest easy and wait for the file to be delivered to you once you agree to give us the opportunity to work for you. We guarantee you that we transcribe M4a to text in the best way possible and we provide quality transcripts at the end of the whole transcription process.

Why Us?

If you have an M4a file that you want to be transcribed, you certainly need the transcription services of professions and expert in this area so that they are able to convert the content of the file into a text file within a short period of time. The best experts available are only found in audio typing online where every transcriptionist is an expert and fully understands what is needed of them in making sure that they produce quality transcripts that are user-friendly to the client. Our transcriptionists will save you time by delivering quality work within the deadline and therefore the question of quality and time is well answered by our transcription services which are considered to be of high quality ever.

We promise to transcribe M4a to text for you at very affordable rates. Our main aim of offering our services at affordable rates is to make sure that everyone in need of transcription services is able to access them at their own convenient time. We offer to transcribe your M4a files at a rate of one dollar per every minute of the M4a file. This is certainly a fair price comparing it with the quality of transcript you will receive from our transcriptionists. Apart from the rate being affordable, we are also offering our clients with a 20% discount of the total price of the M4a file and therefore you be required to pay a relatively smaller amount for your M4a file transcription and this will not only save you time but also a considerable amount of money.

We transcribe M4a to text for you within the period of time you will give us in your quotation. This is to show you that we are time conscious and that all our transcript deliveries are made on time without any delays at all. By delivering the text files to our clients within the time that they stipulated in the quotation, we prove to you that we are a trustworthy transcription service delivery company which you can trust with your transcription needs.

The Benefits of Our Services

We promise to convert M4a to text for you and submit it you within the time you want it delivered. We, therefore, guarantee that you will not only receive your files within the deadline but also that you will receive quality work that will surely impress you. Simply contact us and leave the file you want to be transcribed with us and we promise to give a wonderful transcript that will be useful to you so make sure you always visit our website whenever you have files that need to be transcribed.

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Do Not Miss This Amazing Opportunity of Getting Your File Transcribed

You will never get any better transcription services than the ones we are offering you here at audio typing service. Our services are unmatched simply because our team of professional transcriptionists is a dedicated team where the team makes sure that the needs of the clients are met by making sure that the needs of the clients are put first.

Our team of expert transcriptionists is always available since they are employed on a full-time basis and therefore they are easy to access. Our support staff is also available 24/7 and therefore you are able to contact them if at all you have any queries that you want to be addressed on the Mp4 file that you want to be transcribed. Our Mp4 to text transcription services are simply the best services being offered by any transcription company at the moment and you certainly to hire our services for you to experience the great experience our other clients are experiencing.

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