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Turn Your Handwriting into Digital Notes

In many ways smartphone, tablets and other technologies have replaced handwriting using pen and notebook. However handwriting is not extinct. Many students still take notes in longhand as they feel it helps them learn the material better. There have been studies and research that show this to be true. There are also times when it’s easier or more convenient to take down a quick note using pen and paper if your smartphone isn’t handy. With advances in technology it is relatively easy to digitize your handwritten notes and store them on a computer. Smartphone apps are available that will allow you to photograph your notes and then tag them, making them searchable whenever you want to refer back to them. You won’t have to deal with storing stacks of written notes and with the ability to synch devices, your notes will be accessible to you anywhere. However, the digitized version of your notes are essentially a picture of the handwriting, and not in type written form. Our company can help with handwriting online to text conversions should you need it.

Get Help with Handwriting to Text Conversions

We provide typing services that include help with handwriting to text conversions. There may be instances when you want hand written notes converted to typed text. Handwriting you have digitized can be converted to text using our service by taking the following steps:

  1. Submit the handwritten material you would like converted to text using the form on our website
  2. We evaluate your order and provide a quote based on document length, delivery date and any difficulties which may be caused by blurred text or something else.
  3. Make your payment if you find the quote agreeable. Once payment is confirmed we begin work on your handwriting to text conversion.
  4. You receive the completed text document

Advantages of Using Our Service to Help with Handwriting to Text Conversions

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When you use our service for handwriting conversions, we don’t simply run the handwritten text through OCR software and call it done. The text we produce from converting your handwriting is proofread and edited to ensure it remains completely true to the original document and that no errors exist. Accuracy is the number one priority on we provide a service that is both accurate and fast. When you use our service for your handwriting conversion, service includes:

  • Guarantees the work we provide completely satisfies your requirements and is delivered on time.
  • Low charges that are easy to afford
  • Online order and paying process
  • Gracious consumer support 24/7

Contact us for fast and accurate handwriting to text conversions that are guaranteed to meet with your complete satisfaction.

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