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The Best Way To Change A PDF Into A Word Document

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Methods for how to change a PDF into a Word document

Sometimes it is desirable to convert a PDF file into a Word document for editing purposes. There are several ways to accomplish this. The following are four ways how to change a PDF into a Word document:

  1. Manual method with Adobe reader – You may use your mouse to copy and paste from Adobe Reader to Word. Another option is go to the “Save As” option in Adobe Reader and click Save as Text. The .txt file that results can be copied into Word. The manual method is only practical for small files consisting mostly of text.
  2. PDF to Word conversion software – There are many different options both free and paid. The software can be installed in your computer and run from there.
  3. Open PDF files in Word 2013 – PDF files can be opened directly in Word 2013. However, there are a number of elements that won’t convert correctly including tables with cell spacing, page colors and borders, frames, tracked changes, footnotes and end-notes, PDF bookmarks, comments and others.
  4. Online PDF to Word converters – There are many online converters, with quite a few of them offering conversions free from PDF to Word.

Using an online service for PDF to Word conversions

There are plenty of services online that change PDF file to Word using similar procedures. The basic steps for how to change a PDF into a Word document are shown here:

  1. Submit the PDF file – Depending on the service used you may browse for the file to upload or you may drag and drop the PDF file.
  2. Select the conversion option – Again depending on the particular service used, different options are available. Some convert only to Word, while others offer additional options. Quite often you will be asked for your e-mail address. This is required as the converted file will be e-mailed.
  3. Select convert and wait for your conversion – Conversions are usually emailed although some services allow you to download files from the site.

Several of the services provide good conversions when the PDF file is mostly text. Unfortunately conversions that involved graphs and table didn’t have a good rate of success. Only services with OCR capabilities can convert scanned PDF files. We offer PDF to Word conversion services that are always successful and include scanned PDF files.

Advantages of using our PDF to Word conversion services

how to change a pdf into a word document

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Our typing service provides perfect PDF to Word conversions because we manually proofread and edit every conversion to ensure accuracy. Our editors go through converted pages and make the necessary corrections for a completely accurate conversion. They can also convert handwriting to text. Other advantages of our service include:

  • Inexpensive rates that are easy to afford.
  • Guarantee that the work provided satisfies all of your requirements
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Privacy of customers is assured and all information kept confidential.

When you need to change PDF file to Word, contact us for the most accurate conversions in the business.

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