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Best ways to convert handwriting to text

There are plenty of people that have the need to convert handwriting to text documents. Text documents are more easily stored since they can be kept on your computer or even online. Documents in a text format are easier to search for if you have a bunch of material, and also much easier to edit and work with than hand written notes. If you only have a few pages it is fairly easy to transcribe notes in handwriting yourself. However if you have hundreds of pages it is a little different, and may take days or weeks. The following are some of the ways how to convert handwriting to text to consider:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software – OCR software reads your handwritten document and converts it to text. However the accuracy rate is not very good with cursive writing or sloppy hand printed material.
  • Voice recognition software – Voice recognition software, much like OCR is prone to accuracy. It would also involve reading all of those notes out-loud.
  • Use a transcription service – Having somebody type your handwritten notes will produce more accurate results, but could get expensive and there are privacy issues.
  • Convert to PDF – Converting notes to PDF means they are easier to store but to make it possible to search them they must be tagged with keywords which is time consuming and still allows only limited searching and is not text.

Mistakes to avoid when you convert handwriting to text

The following are some pitfalls that you should be careful of when you convert handwriting into text documents:

  • When using OCR technology, for an accurate text copy you will have to proofread and edit every page that was converted. Don’t toss your notes until you have done so or you will probably be throwing away something you need.
  • Voice recognition conversions are pretty much like OCR conversions. There will be quite a few accuracy mistakes. A 95 percent accuracy rate sounds not bad. But at 300 words a page and 100 pages that is 1500 errors to find and correct.
  • Using a paid service – Don’t use a service without doing some research. Quality is not the same in all services that convert handwriting.

We offer a service for converting handwriting to text that is among the best available

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Why should one use our typing service to do handwriting conversions? Why shouldn’t you use a handwriting to text converter online? Our service does handwriting conversions using a combination of OCR and live editors. All conversions are proofread and edited to ensure accurate conversions. Use of our service includes:

  • Guarantees that all work we provide is delivered on time and completely satisfies your requirements.
  • Inexpensive rates without sacrificing quality
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  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need to convert handwriting to text, contact us and see for yourself why we are the best.

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