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We Offer You Tips on How to Turn Audio into Text

how to convert audio files to textIt is not everyone who claims to be a transcriptionist is a professional transcriptionist. You need to know how and where you can get the services of a professional transcript so that you rest easy knowing that your file is being worked on by a professional who knows how to go about the transcription process. You are advised to only hire professional transcriptionists for your audio transcriptions since they are the people with the most knowledge about how to turn audio into text and will therefore do justice to your audio file if at all you give them a chance to work on them. It is this vast knowledge that they have about the transcription process that gives them an upper hand in delivering quality transcripts. You certainly need a professional to do all the transcription for you and that is precisely what we offer you here at typing audio so make sure you contact us if at all you have any audio files that you want transcribed and we will gladly help you.

The Reasons as to Why Audio Typing Is Recommended

The first reason as to why you should only contact us for your transcription services is because our transcriptionists are all trained and certified professionals. This gives them a chance to know everything there is to know about transcribing audio files, audio to text transcription and therefore no audio file can give them any problems. Them being certified professionals also means that they work on a full-time basis as transcriptionists and therefore you are guaranteed great transcription service delivery as they are always ready to serve you whenever you upload your files to our system.

What We Offer Our Clients

We also offer our clients the proofreading service where we check through the transcribed file whether it contains any errors and if we notice them, we correct them for you so that you are able to use the file to purpose it was supposed to serve. This proofreading service is absolutely free where you are not required to pay any extra cash as the proofreading service is considered to have been included in the initial price per the file that we give you during your quotation order. We also avail our support staff 24/7 so that our clients get the chance to access them and check on the progress of their projects. The clients through this feature are also able to get prompt updates on the status of their orders and are able to know if the transcriptionist has already began working on the audio file. This feature also ensures that clients are able to understand how to turn audio into text within the shortest period of time through the question that they ask the transcriptionists. It is therefore no secret that we are going to give you quality transcripts once you hire us for your transcription services.

The Benefits and Offers You Will Enjoy from Our Team

Our team of transcriptionists makes you aware of how to convert audio files to text very well and to what levels of professionalism you are supposed to observe when dealing with transcription of audio files. We also give our clients an amazing offer of getting a 20% discount on the totals prices they get for purchasing our services. This surely gives you a value for your money as you get a quality transcript at a very affordable rate and you are guaranteed to receive the file on or before the deadline you set for us.

This is certainly one amazing offer you do not want to miss so make sure to give us all your audio files for transcription.

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