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How To Open PDF File In Word Online

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How to open PDF file in Word for editing

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are a popular format for sharing finalized documents because they look the same on any device. Editing PDF files can occasionally cause headaches. Many people prefer to edit in Word as they are familiar with it and most computers have Word if they use Windows. The problem then is how to open PDF file in Word. There are several approaches you can use depending on the PDF file and the Word version that you are using. Word versions fall into two categories:

  1. Word 2013 – PDF files can be directly opened in Word 2013, edited, and saved as a PDF file or as a Word document. However unless the document consists mostly of text, the document may appear very different when converted. Word 2013 can’t convert scanned PDF files
  2. Word versions besides Word 2013 – To edit PDF documents in Word versions other than Word 2013, you need a PDF to Word converter. That means either installing conversion PDF to Word document software in your computer, or using one of the many available online conversion services

It is probably best initially to use a conversion service online. There are many free options, and you don’t put your computer at risk installing software.

Using an online service for PDF to Word conversions

There are numerous typing services that will do a PDF to Word convert free. PDF to Word online conversion services usually follow similar procedures. The basic steps are:

Step One
Select the PDF file to be converted and upload the file to the service. In most cases you will browse your computer documents and select the file. Some services use a drag and drop method.

Step Two
Choose the format to be converted to, which would be Word document. Some services will request an e-mail address they can e-mail the completed Word document to.

Step Three
Convert and wait – Unless its huge, the conversion from PDF to Word won’t take long. The completed conversion will be e-mailed to you, or you will be able to directly download it, depending on the particular service.

Conversion quality varies and most services do better with files consisting mainly of text. Only those services with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities can convert scanned PDF files. And if you still don’t get how to change a PDF into a Word document, just get in touch with us and we will do the rest.

The best way how to open PDF file in Word is using our PDF to Word conversion service

how to open pdf file in word

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There are many reasons why we are the best option for PDF to Word conversions including:

  • We proofread and edit every conversion including those converted from scanned PDF files, to ensure total accuracy of the completed document.
  • We guarantee every conversion to be delivered on time and meet all of your requirements
  • Our rates are inexpensive without sacrificing quality
  • Customer support 24/7

When PDF conversion accuracy and quality are important, we are the choice you can count on. Contact us if you are looking for a  conversion PDF to Word document.

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