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How To Convert Document To PDF

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Nowadays, there are far too many things that you can do on how to convert PDF to Word. Some of the things that you can do are actually integrated into the word processing program that you’re using to create documents. However, not everyone is aware of it, so why don’t you take the time to refresh yourself as to how you can properly do it?

How to Convert a Document to PDF in Word 2010

How to convert a document to PDF? Well, it’s going to be much easier if you’re to do it after you’re done writing or editing documents that you’ve created in Word 2010. If you are not quite familiar on how you can do it, then you must look at the following steps so that you can do it successfully. Let’s get started.

  • If you’re writing an article or an essay, make sure that you complete editing or formatting the document before you actually save the document or convert it into PDF.
  • Once you’re done editing or formatting the document, it’s now time for you to save the file.
  • Ensure that you retain a copy of it in a Word format. You can do that by hitting the save button and then, create a file name for it.
  • After you’ve save the copy of your document in Word, it’s now time for you to convert it into PDF. Instead of hitting the save button, click File on the upper left hand corner of the ribbon in Word 2010. Then, hit Save As. You’ll notice below that there is an option for Save as Type. Click on the dropdown menu and choose PDF. Rename the file into something else. Convert PDF to Word successfully done.

How to Convert Document to PDF Online

Although Word gives you an option your documents into PDF, there are times that, you may encounter issues with it, as the link you’ve included in the document won’t be retained, unless you type the entire URL for it. With that in mind, you can choose to go online and use a convert my document to PDF tools provided by online writing companies, which are really effective in performing such tasks. Now, ensure that you get to deal with the best of them online.

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