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Are there audiotyping jobs in London

Yes, there are several audio typing jobs in London. There are advertisements posted online whenever there are any vacancies for the post of an audio typist. The eligibility criteria and other formalities are also mentioned in the advertisement or in the application forms. Certain companies offer training on a stipend where as certain companies hire trained personals.

How to audio type?

Audio typing involves typing from an audio file recorded by someone else. To audio type a person has to type at a fast pace by listening to the recording. At the same time the person has to keep an eye at the monitor to keep a check as to what he/she is typing is correct and accurate.

Is audio typing a difficult task?

Audio typing involves a lot of skill and experience. Yes, it is difficult. An audio typist has to listen to the audio and type it correctly at the same time. Keeping up the pace of the recording as well as reading what is typed is not easy. Moreover, there may be other difficulties involved in a recording such as more than one voices, overlapping voices, a different accent, background noise and so on.  But if a person is interested in it and has the skill then he/she can learn audio typing with proper training, practice and focus.

Is it possible to have an audio typed accurately without any error?

Yes, a completely accurate audio transcription is possible by a typist who has the experience and skill. Still proofreading is the secret to perfect it as a few errors here and there are likely to happen. An audio transcription proofread twice or thrice removes the errors and perfects the typed file.

Is hiring professionals for audio typing a smart move?

Yes, professionals are trained to do their job well. They have the experience of doing it and this gives them the knowledge of doing it the right way. They are experts in the field but it is important to choose the right service and not fall in the hands of fraud services. We offer audio typing services that are accurate, done by expert professions and are not expensive.

Can one have a career in audio typing?

Yes, of course. Audio typing is an upcoming career that more and more people are picking up. There are courses and training classes available that teach the proper and accurate way of transcribing recorded files.

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