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Has Handwriting Outlived Its Usefulness?

Handwriting doesn’t have the prestige it once did. There was a time when school was “the three R’s, reading, riting, and rithmatic.” Smartphones and other technological devices have reduced the importance placed on all three “ R’s” but they are hanging in there. Some people still prefer note-taking by hand, and a handwritten note is more personal than one that is typed. Some attributes of typed text that have made it popular are the ability to store it, search it and manipulate it online. Now it appears just as technology was about to render the art of handwriting extinct, another technology has arrived to rescue it. Converting handwriting into text means that handwritten notes can be stored, easily searched, and edited online. To convert notes and other materials that are handwritten to text first requires digitizing your handwriting. This is necessary to get paper notes of handwritten text to handwriting that is digitized online for handwriting to text conversions

Converting Handwritten Text to Handwriting Online

Converting handwriting to text online involves OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. A software program “reads” handwriting and converts it to text. The catch is the writing has to be digitized. Some methods that have been developed to convert handwriting to type and digitized include:

  • Scanning documents containing handwriting – Documents can be scanned directly to a computer or stored on a flash drive
  • Tablet and stylus – Your handwriting can either be stored digitally or the handwriting recognition feature built into Windows 8 can convert handwriting to text
  • Smartpens – A smartpen produces an ink version of your notes on paper and a digital version of your handwriting at the same time.
handwriting into text

Image credit: http://financesonline.com/

Digital versions of handwriting can then be converted to text formats like Word. OCR technology isn’t perfected and only the neatest handwriting can be converted to text without error. No problem. A new pen has been developed that actually teaches the art of handwriting by vibrating when a letter is illegible or wrong. As it stands handwritten text to handwriting online is the first step. The next step is converting digital handwriting to text. Pen technology that teaches better handwriting may make OCR unnecessary and lead to a direct handwriting to text pen. Until it does, our company offers accurate online typing services.

Advantages of Our Handwriting to Text Conversion Services

The handwriting to text conversion service we provide focuses on accuracy for the highest quality conversions. Every conversion is proofread and manually edited to ensure total accuracy of the conversion. Here’s what we offer to both new and returned clients:

  • Quick response and ability to meet tight deadlines
  • High-quality typing provided by specialists with more than a year of experience
  • Clear rates that are more advantageous than what our competitors offer
  • Day-and-night access to our support representative team to place an order or to discuss your order details

For handwriting into text conversions with unmatched accuracy, contact us with all of your handwriting conversion needs!

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