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7 Types of Tasks You Should Outsource to Computer Typing Services

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Do You Need Computer Typing Services?

computer typing servicesFrom students that need to have their thesis typed up in the correct format through to businesses that need someone to type their regular correspondence, there is a huge demand for online automated typing services. The reason for this is that few people have access to typing services through work or in their everyday life yet typing can be very time to consume. So it is often far better and cheaper to outsource the work to a third party to free up your time and get the work done quickly.

Our e-typing services are aimed at businesses and students alike and we can provide you with accurate and quick services.

We use only typists that are familiar and experienced with the work that they are asked to do as well as being higher degree qualified. Through us, you will always get typing that is formatted perfectly to your requirements as well as being proofread to eliminate all writing errors.

types of tasks of computer typing services

What Areas Can We Provide Fast Typing Services In?

With more than 5 years in existence, our business has built up a team of diverse and well-qualified individuals who are able to help with your typing in a variety of different areas.

Their excellent English and typing skills can provide you with the support in all of the following areas and more:

  • Academic typing. From handwritten notes for your whole dissertation or thesis through to your dictated essay we can provide typing support at any level within your education. All work is formatted in the appropriate style and completed to a high level of accuracy at all times. Typists are selected not only for their typing skills but also for their qualifications in the subject areas of the work to be undertaken.
  • Manuscript typing. Whether your work is fiction or nonfiction we have expert help to provide you. Our experts can provide you with support to correctly format your writing according to your publisher’s requirements or for self-publishing. All typists are selected on their qualifications and experienced ensuring that they are the best for the task.
  • Business letters. We can provide you with support for all of your business correspondence from writing letters to customers or suppliers through to internal letters to employees. We provide you with staff that is fully familiar with the styles and types of letters that you need ensuring the ability to use standard templates and tailors them to your requirements.
  • Report typing. From typing your reports directly from the notes that you provide through to actually compiling the information and typing the reports according to your requirements we can help you. We offer our services through typists that are highly experienced with the industry and areas that you need support.
  • Interview typing. Typing up interviews is a requirement for many different industries from the law through to insurance. Our transcription typists can provide you with highly accurate typing formatted according to your needs and with the provision of timestamps so that information can be indexed easily.
  • Survey typing. Many businesses such as surveying have a requirement to produce reports that are often in a standard format. They will often record their findings digitally as they conduct their inspections. Our experts are able to take the provided information and correctly populate the reports with information in the right sections.
  • Specialist typing. Not everyone wants an output as a PDF or a Word file. A scientific book or paper, for instance, may be required to be typed in LaTeX to provide the formatting for the formulas that are used within the text as well as the overall paper formatting. Our services have experts that are able to work in many specialized software packages.

We Offer Reliable Typing Services Online

Our staff is well proven so we are confident that we will always provide you with a typist that is going to provide you with accurate work with a rapid turnaround. We want you to keep coming back to us for all of your typing needs so we always aim to ensure your full satisfaction with our cheap typing services, in fact, we guarantee it and will offer you your money back if you are not.

So if you are looking for computer typing services that are highly reliable and accurate just contact our affordable help here today!

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